Saturday, 22 August 2009

New September Kit

I just love creating these kits and this month I had the help of Helen, we have not quite finished putting the finishing touches in but the majority of what you will get is in the pictures.

I do hope you like it.............
You can look and buy the kit here

Friday, 21 August 2009

oooh I love Halloween!!!

I just love Halloween and always wish I could take the children to America for this wonderful night and go trick or treating its just so different over here and not as much fun.....

Anyway popped over to my dear friend Jacque's blog this morning and low and behold a wonderful halloween card and sweets in packets lovely just lovely ! and also some wonderful blog candy......go see for a chance to win.....

To see this and other wonderful creations click here

Thursday, 20 August 2009

feeling proud of myself I am!

Ok this is the first effort of making anything remotely not flat and simple (ie curtain and table cloth) and I am rather proud of it......

It is a lunch box for my daughter Rosie and will when it is finally finished had a bag charm thingie on it. The inside is quilted cloth but rather than follow the pattern which says stitch it into the bag I am going to velcro it in so I can take it out and wash It when it gets mucky ( every day with Rosie) ( I may just make tw inserts)!!

I hope you like it..

and it continues !!!!........

Well what a week I have had my best friend and her family here all since friday and they went home last night taking my daughter with them to spend a few days with another friend. It has been great but hectic I really enjoy when they are here and never want them to leave I always run out of time for doing the things we want to do......... Like Helen said we fit three weeks worth of stuff into three days.!

Anyway I had an email from Marcea one of the subscribers with some images of the lovely work she does and attached are just a few of them.... also Bev has been busy again and we have the new kit for September and the images will be on here later tonight or in the morning.

I also have been busy sewing (yes me sewing) and I have well and truly been bitten by this bug....
I am going to open up my other blog to post on there the work I am doing...... watch this space...


Friday, 14 August 2009

more delightful images then mine as well!

This is a close up of blooms from one of the past kits with the small blue roses self adhesive from the paper roses in packets they are just the right size and are great to work with.
This is the full image of the use of the pale blue and pink blooms with a few cream blooms and againthe small blue and pink roses from the packets.
This one is a close up of the jasmine blooms in cream and the dark red roses with the stems just cut off and glued in the centre. I love this look and just cant get enough of doing this with my blooms. I have not included a full picture of this layout as the child in the picture is not mine and so did not want to publish his picture without the permission.

Jacque's card with the lovely colours red and yellow dont forget to pop onto her blog here to see the envelope and the inside of the card.
Well my team have been prolific again with making things and today's lovely card comes from Jacque again,

I have also been a busy bee and managed to do two layouts with my blooms and hope you like them.

*** Notice Website will be down for maintenance for the day Tomorrow Saturday 15th August***

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

More goodies to see

Karen aka quackas has called today to say she has been busy making door hangers for Katy's friends. And here they are. I have been busy also scrapping and will be back later with those pics as I need to charge the batteries in my camera bloomin thing goes thru them like water....

Monday, 10 August 2009

ooooh delish!!! or what Blog Candy

Wow have you seen the blog candy one of my design team 'Bev' is giving away she has really done well to get all this candy and well I for one would love to win it so my comment is very much going to be there.........

If any of you have tried to veiw the web this weekend and have had problems I know about it and have reported it to the web hosting company. So sorry about that.

Anyway pop over to Bev's blog and check out the blog candy.....


Friday, 7 August 2009

Hi all,

well we have more really great images from Jacque and Bev and well what they come up with just never seems to amaze me they are both so talented......

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sarahs Cards Blog and win freebies

Hey you just have to go over to my Lovely Friend Sarah's blog she has an online shop where I spend most of my money and on her blog this week she has loads of blog candy to win.

Her online shop is here and she has lots of new goodies due in and also has a fab sale sections great if you love American Crafts as she has a huge selection of these.

Her blog link is here so go try and get some goodies and loads of ideas....

I am now back home and have loads to do and emails to answer so if you are one of them please bear with me..... I will get to you all.


Monday, 3 August 2009

Slave for a week!!!!!!

Ok I came up to Scotland for a well earned break and to get the kids out from under Martin's feet, what do I get ?? I have been to ikea picked up a unit and chairs took them back to karen's fitted them together, we collected another unit bought off ebay (bargain).

We had a day out in Glasgow doing the museum's had a great day , came home shattered and crafted for a while.

Then today after having another day off yesterday going to see my dad, we went to do some more shopping , well a girl has to shop ( that is until the kids want more than you have)!!! we bought more units this time for the kitchen and then had such a giggle trying to put them together !!! me on the kitchen floor then moving the old unit out and the new in what a palava anyway its all in and looks puka!!

We have been sat tonight painting some little caddy's we picked up in ikea watching a horror movie (not my idea I have nightmares) ....... and we will post them when finished as they are in this month's colours.

Tomorrow is my last full day here and we are crafting crafting crafting , we are going to tie the kids up gag them and if necessary we will bury them in the garden!!! ooh should I say that on here.. mmm maybe maybe not! anyway whatever we will be crafting.

sooooo look back soon and come back and see what Karen and I have produced.

bye for now!


ooooh how lovely are these!

well what a weekend I am up in Scotland with karen (aka quackas) from UKS and we are having a ball she really is a slave driver today we are going to get a kitchen unit and I have to fit it, yesterday I escaped and saw my dad and step mum who live in Scotland as well and the day before we moved Katie's room about (told ya slave driver)!!!!

Anyway diversing I have had two more cards sent which I think may be on their blogs (am off to check in a mo) They have both produced some really lovely cards hence the title and here they are.