Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Saturday, 14 February 2009

New layouts & a New Business not bad eh!

Ok so well things here have been a bit manic. I have been off work since the 1st December and it looks like I am going to lose my job....... and even so I am currently only getting Statutary sick pay which everyone knows is peanuts! so with this in mind I have decided to go back into the craft business part time at first just in case my job is ok but I have Martin busy putting up the website and I have been buying wholesale blooms and bits and pieces to go with them to make up kits. I really miss the kits Rebecca used to do and presume so many other do as well so with this in mind will start a blooms kit business with a few extra bits growing with time.

I am going to sponsor on UKS and start an ebay shop for other bits and hopefully get something off the ground.

In the meantime being off I have had time to do a few layouts.... and here they are