Monday, 25 August 2008

Awareness Ribbon Pin

Hi again everyone,

Well I have been playing with the pattern for this lovely beaded breast cancer awareness pin, we are having a little get together to try and make some to sell at the Goldbourne crop I am going to in October.

Here is a picture of the first attempt I have made......

Please do contact me if you would like to come along and try your hand at this lovely ribbon we are meeting at my house on the 3rd September

thanks for looking

Saturday, 23 August 2008

First Burnley Crop

Hiya Gang,

Well got up early this morning for the first crop I have managed to organize in Burnley. It is held at The Craft Range, the shop at Network 65 in Burnley.

With everyone on holidays and kids off school I did not expect this one to be very big at all, I started at the beginning of the week with just four people and today we ended up with seven.. it was just right for the first time and we all had fun so much we have arranged the next one for 21st September.

I managed to get four layouts done and the work that all the girls where doing was great I loved the layout Allison started with the Rusty Pickle Papers, I will have to pick me up some of them.

Anyway its been a long day and I'm off to bed now as up again tomorrow with the 'boys' for Rugby.

Friday, 22 August 2008

New Job !!

Yay ! I have a new job ......

I was called this morning to go for an interview at a local Travel agent and within an hour of me leaving the shop they rang to offer me the job. I am so happy no more traveling miles and fighting for bits of commission.......

I Just have to tell my current employer now which is difficult as I am off sick at the moment after my car crash. I will have to talk to HR on Monday and see what I have to do.

I am off to my first local crop tomorrow and what started with just four of us has turned out to be eight so should be a good day for us, I am looking forward to meeting some new girls and some of girls I already crop with.

Our new puppy Misty is doing well and is great on the lead.... just wish she would do her business while we are out instead of saving it up for the yard at home..

anyway off now to have supper and an early night I don't want to be late for the first crop.

bye for now

Thursday, 21 August 2008


HI everyone and welcome to my new blog. I hope to keep this as up to date as possible and apologise now if I fall behind.......

Well what do I start with this week has been a difficult one as I had a car accident last Tuesday the day before I was due to hand back the car and get my new one (I have a motability car) .

A women ran up the back of me on the Runcorn bridge on my way back from some stash shopping with my friend Helen...... well it really was not worth the trouble it caused in the end and now I am going through a claim for time off work and injury as it has given me whiplash and aggravated the Fibro..

I have on the upside managed to sort through my stash and will have lots for sale as I need to have a clear out .. so do pop back and see whats going.

see ya soon