Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good week.

I am changing the look of the blog and updating a few things so don't panic if it looks odd!!

If you would like your blog listed in the customer blog roll (or want it removing from the blog roll) can you please reply to this message with the link for your blog saying add me or remove me.



Saturday, 10 April 2010

Moving !! Oh what a Royal pain and Milton is back

Well today was moving day for me and craftyfeeling and well what a pain ...... I had some really good friends helping me and we did it in just two trips but the house is completly upside down and I have ended up spending the night somewhere else and will start fresh in the morning.

I had a room all sorted for the craft and work area and yesterday was told it needed reflooring so they are coming on monday to lay concreate and so wont be able to use the room for a good week.. what a pain as I now have boxes everywhere and nowhere to put them or unpack them either... thank goodness I got the kits out early. I would really like to know what you all thought this month as I try new things. I really hope you liked this months kit.

On the upside of the hard work this week we have restocks of Wild Rose Studios Stamps, papers and brads arriving on Tuesday so don't miss out this time. I will be adding them to the website this weekend but will not be shipped till Tuesday or Wednesday Depending on what time they arrive.

It may be a few days until I post again but I will be checking emails so please let me know your feedback..

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kits ready to go and we are on the move again!!

A happy Tuesday to all , well we are on the move again the house I rented just before Christmas was on the market and I knew we would have to find somewhere else but it was a stopgap until I could find somewhere nice and we have and will be moving this weekend. for about ten days I am going to have limited access to the internet so please bear with me in answering anything...

On the plus side the kits will be posted out early this month as I would like them gone before we move to save unpacking in a rush so start stalking the postie as I am taking them to the post office tomorrow .

For anyone still looking but not sure we only have one kit these have been so popular so if you dithering go on give it a go we have great kits and they can only now get better.... PLease if anyone has any questions please just pop me an email and I will answer any questions you have.

See you all soon.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Rare moment

Hi There ,

Well this is a rare occassion as I just dont seem to find the time to do things these days what with being a single mum now and moving again soon (warning warning dizzy moments ahead so bear with me), we have had some new flowers in this week the ones with the stems on and I really wanted to show the size of them so sat down and made a few cards with them on.

I have enjoyed pottering this week and getting a couple of things done along with a cj I should have done a week ago... so maybe I will get some more done now that I have started.

well thats all for now I will be back soon....

I did however manage to make one card with some blooms from this months kit and some of the dew drops ...

Look at this fab card made by my own daughter for the company not me but the company !! and clever girl using this months kit flowers and the sweetest little magnolia.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Telling off

Hi all , I have been thoroughly told off this week for not blogging everyday or at least more often , however I have been very busy sorting the subscribers corner and also trying to sort out a new side bar on the blog where you can all upload your lovely offerings using craftyfeeling products.

I have asked my resident blogger expert Clare and I hope she can work something out for me.

The next lot of Wild Rose Studio Stamps and papers are due in next week and if anyone would like to reserve one please just send me an email and it will be strictly first come first serve. The new edition ones are also on order and I have them reserved for delivery in may.

Dont forget as well we have the new facebook account which is growing in numbers so pop over there and find us.

be back soon but in the meantime here are some of Karen (quackers ) lovely use of blooms from this months kit !
What a lovely use of the dew drops fantastic karen!!