Wednesday, 26 November 2008

ooh not long now till we start Shimelle's class for Christmas and I cannot wait.

I need to take my mind off things that are happening in our family at the moment, we have just found out this week that my mother has terminal cancer lymphatic cancer and needs to have chemotherapy. This will affect the other medication she is on as she has lots wrong with her so we are not sure how things will go. My family and I all remain hopeful and cheerful as does our mum who has surprised us all with her cheerful manner.

So I have signed up for lots to keep me occupied and help me give my mum things to do to help me.
I have been given a gift by my bessie of the shimelle class and am delighted to include in my blog her logo thingie as per her email today.


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday Blues

Well home from work, I had to collect my son as he had been at nanny's for the night on a spoil me sleep over...... He came home with pj's slippers new trousers and socks and loads more....

I am tired today and feeling a little miffed at not getting on the main list for the Warrington crop I had been say there waiting and answered straight away but there where people alot faster than me so I got on the reserve list. Here's me now hopping people have to drop out so I can go.

I have booked our last minute holiday and am going to Dunoon in Scotland with the kids and mum this Saturday, Martin is in Vegas (lucky thing) for a week so Im all alone (but eagerly waiting him coming back with the stash I am having sent to his hotel for him to bring back.

I am going to take my laptop with me but not sure I will find a hotspot with bt connection. I hope I can get some access as I need my Ukscrappers fix.


Saturday, 1 November 2008

A few things for sale


I have a few things for sale and over the next few days I will post these items and hope you like the look of them.

here is the first ; This is a rack I bought from Paper Adventures when I had my shop and just a short time after I closed due to ill health. Until June this year the rack was wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in a dry storage place.

It just does not fit in with my craft room as I have very definate ideas about what I want in there.

I paid £90 for it and would like around £30.00 but I will consider all offers.

here is a pic


Ok so the kids both went to Halloween Party's last night and oh what a night!

Rosie as you can see from the pictures below was a devil woman and boy does she live up to that. Alex was a skeleton Warrior and while Rosie was at the party at her friends we took Alex to the Burnley Rugby Club for their party. We took along his friend Leon from next door.

Great fun was had by all and they eat sweets late into the night. Hyper all day today so far.

North West Warrington Crop

Tomorrow is crop day again and I am really looking forward to it with some great photo's of last night to scrap.... and this time I think I may have saved some space by putting together some kits of things this will also work for next week when we are away off to scotland.