Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bad blogger

Oh my I am a bad blogger, not been on for ages and I want to do and say so much.....

ok where to start,

New job with Thomas Cook is going great I am very happy and the girls I work with are lovely and have been very nice. I am going great guns with targets too so happy as a pig in ****

We moved up to Burnley in March this year from Salisbury in Wilts and thought we had found a good school for both the kids, Alex spent the last part of the year at the separate infant school and really came into his own and did so well. Rosie on the other hand has changed from a top student to what can only be described as a trouble maker the clown of the class and this week ended up in detention !! we where so mad with her she is mixing with the wrong crowd and her nice manered accent has gone making way for slang and ignorance. I know I sound like a snob but I just want her to do well and be a nice girl that gets on with all Like she used to do.

We have another Burnley crop on Sunday and I am looking forward to this one with more new people coming and a few old friends coming for the first time....

I want to customise this blog but not sure what to do I have tried and just get myself in a right mess so all help will be gratefully received.

Anyway enough for tonight and I promise to get back on with updating more.......


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