Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tuesday Blues

Well home from work, I had to collect my son as he had been at nanny's for the night on a spoil me sleep over...... He came home with pj's slippers new trousers and socks and loads more....

I am tired today and feeling a little miffed at not getting on the main list for the Warrington crop I had been say there waiting and answered straight away but there where people alot faster than me so I got on the reserve list. Here's me now hopping people have to drop out so I can go.

I have booked our last minute holiday and am going to Dunoon in Scotland with the kids and mum this Saturday, Martin is in Vegas (lucky thing) for a week so Im all alone (but eagerly waiting him coming back with the stash I am having sent to his hotel for him to bring back.

I am going to take my laptop with me but not sure I will find a hotspot with bt connection. I hope I can get some access as I need my Ukscrappers fix.


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