Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Well What a Start

Well as the Title Says what a start to December. For those reading and not knowing I have had problems with Knees for a long time and had multiple surgery on my right knee, the last op being August 2006. It has been getting worse over the last few months and I have seen a new Consultant who has said they may finally give me a new Knee.

Anyway on Sunday night as I was getting out of the bath my knee decided to give way and I fell out of the bath onto my bad knee and my right hip.

Then basically I was taken by Ambulance to Blackburn Hospital and xrayed and prodded and pocked given a pair of crutches as I cannot put any weight on my right leg and told to go home and see my doctor in a few days when the swelling had gone down to be referred to the consultant . Then they gave me more news.......... by the way did you know you have grade (or maybe type) 4 arthritis in both my Hips! great eh....

So onward soldier(as the hymn goes but missing out the christian bit) and cope with the pain
and get on with it !

So my first page of Shimelle's Journal your Christmas is all about spending half the night in an A&E dept. I will take photos later and of days one and two and see what everyone thinks.


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