Monday, 3 August 2009

Slave for a week!!!!!!

Ok I came up to Scotland for a well earned break and to get the kids out from under Martin's feet, what do I get ?? I have been to ikea picked up a unit and chairs took them back to karen's fitted them together, we collected another unit bought off ebay (bargain).

We had a day out in Glasgow doing the museum's had a great day , came home shattered and crafted for a while.

Then today after having another day off yesterday going to see my dad, we went to do some more shopping , well a girl has to shop ( that is until the kids want more than you have)!!! we bought more units this time for the kitchen and then had such a giggle trying to put them together !!! me on the kitchen floor then moving the old unit out and the new in what a palava anyway its all in and looks puka!!

We have been sat tonight painting some little caddy's we picked up in ikea watching a horror movie (not my idea I have nightmares) ....... and we will post them when finished as they are in this month's colours.

Tomorrow is my last full day here and we are crafting crafting crafting , we are going to tie the kids up gag them and if necessary we will bury them in the garden!!! ooh should I say that on here.. mmm maybe maybe not! anyway whatever we will be crafting.

sooooo look back soon and come back and see what Karen and I have produced.

bye for now!