Monday, 25 January 2010

Back at last

Well I am now back online "HOORAH"!! after what can only be described as one hell of a Christmas and end of year I am firmly looking forward to a better 2010.

As Helen has said in previous posts we have been looking at the kits and working on how to improve them and continue to give good value for money and make them different from last year.... there where a few that I keep getting asked for again and again (its amazing what a bar of chocolate can do) !!!

Anyway moving on I have been asked a couple of times if the kits are smaller than when we started, the answer is no they are not however the voile bags they come in are smaller due to an error on my part in ordering, there are still the same amount of flowers although some of the flowers have changed as some have been discontinued by my supplier and new flowers have arrived such as the butterfly's and Sophie flowers. I would be interested to hear from all of you if you do or don't like any of the flowers we are sending out and whether you would like more larger flowers or less of them and more of the smaller flowers..

I am trying to source new ribbon and new brads and extras for the kits i have taken delivery of some new dies to give a better range of die cuts in the kits and again would like to see some feedback on this . I will be sending a copy of this to those who do not watch the blog. As something else I would like to if possible link the blogs we have permanently so I have everybody who has a blog to be in the side bar of this my company blog .... anyone who can advise on this please give me the know how .

Please keep the images coming of you creations they really are looking great and there are some truly great talented people out there.

I am back online so feel free to email or call me with any feedback and suggestions you have.


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Horners Corner said...

Dashboard --> Layout --> Add gadget --> Link List

Glad to see you back!! e-mail me if you cant figure it out :)