Monday, 23 August 2010

Back from the Mental Hospital !!!!

Well the six weeks is nearly up and I have been just an awful blogger ....... so sorry about that I have loads to tell you and show you but I have lost the charger for my camera and have torn apart the house looking for it so I can show the new goodies, I have decided that I will go buy one tomorrow and whats you bet I then come home and find it.

So no pictures but the september kit is purple, yellow , lime and black and well I have a ribbons set and a rose selection to go with them for the subscribers section and some little extras as well but mmm well somethings are best kept secret.

For those of you who dont subscribe I do extras available only to the subscribers and some which are then "if there is any left" go on general sale. So pop on over and see us and ask any questions via email.

back soon when I get my camera battery charged.


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