Monday, 15 November 2010

Oranges & Lemons ..... and Lovely Lilac's

Oranges & Lemons ..... and Lovely Lilac's

Well I thought it was about time to sort out some more ltd Ed Rose kits and well here they are two with some lovely mixes of colours one with flat flowers as extra and the other with ribbon and bits as extras, They will be posted on the website in the morning...... Please tell me what you think.....?

Be back later this week with peeks of December 's kit ......



Artesania said...

Dear Jane ,both are so amazing ,i love the lilac set and the orange ,yellow set is perfect for the summer season.I like the set with button ,ribbon and blossoms so much -everything match together!
Hugs Gudrun

Dawn said...

Both are amazing, but I love the yellow one. I also love the fact that there is a good selection of roses etc as well as flat blooms.