Friday, 22 August 2008

New Job !!

Yay ! I have a new job ......

I was called this morning to go for an interview at a local Travel agent and within an hour of me leaving the shop they rang to offer me the job. I am so happy no more traveling miles and fighting for bits of commission.......

I Just have to tell my current employer now which is difficult as I am off sick at the moment after my car crash. I will have to talk to HR on Monday and see what I have to do.

I am off to my first local crop tomorrow and what started with just four of us has turned out to be eight so should be a good day for us, I am looking forward to meeting some new girls and some of girls I already crop with.

Our new puppy Misty is doing well and is great on the lead.... just wish she would do her business while we are out instead of saving it up for the yard at home..

anyway off now to have supper and an early night I don't want to be late for the first crop.

bye for now

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