Wednesday, 11 November 2009

This months kit and a sneek of next month

Ok kits where posted out yesterday so start stalking the postie and attack him if you see the grey envelope.

Here are some of the images of the kit this month and I do hope you like it as I wanted to cheer people up with the bright colours.

I am a little surprised that noone took up the extras from the subscribers corner this month and spoke to my dear friend Helen who told me she had not received the email , I checked with another couple and they said the same thing so I will be sending out another email in the next day or so saying that if you did not receive the email and want something I will still send it out postage free.

I will be updating the website with lotsd of new ribbons buttons and other bits and pieces so keep an eye out for these items,

Anyway here is a sneek peak of the December kit AND it will include a special free gift for those who are already subscribing to our kits. The gift will be a surprise but I am sure you will love it jayne


Marcea said...

ooooh I hope mine comes tomorrow - loving the hot pinks!!! December kit looks lush too - oh goody goody!

Horners Corner said...

Got my kit today, its great thanks for sorting them all out month after month, i dont know how you do it!!

I didnt get the e-mail either btw.


Marcea said...

... me neither - no emails for ages :o(